Monday, 4 September 2017

Lake Garda

On Saturday before last me and Sam flew out to Lake Garda, Italy with his family and friends for his mum's dreamy Italian wedding.
Our 7 days in Malcesine were filled with lounging in the sun, jumping off the hotel jetty into the lake and eating countless ice cream's. Malcesine itself is such a beautiful town filled with cobbled streets and quaint little shops and restaurants. Limone (where all the limoncello is made) is just a 20 minute boat ride away from Malcesine Harbour and is definitely worth a visit if your visiting Lake Garda any time soon. 
The wedding itself was held on the top of Malcesine castle and was absolutely breathtaking. It was such a beautiful day spent with such good company and I felt honoured to be part of it.
Here are some of my favourite pictures from the holiday:

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