Wednesday, 26 July 2017


In September I will be graduating from university with a BA Honours in Fashion Design and I am so happy to have made it to graduation where I get to wear a gown and throw one of those funny little hats in the air. Although there's hi lights to my university experience such as the catwalks and collections I've come out of it with; in hindsight I really do think I was ready to come out of education a long time ago. The majority of my experience was riddled with constant stress and anxiety. This lifted as soon as i finished University and I realised how much this amount of stress was impacting my day to day life. It was completely unhealthy. 
The one thing university did do for me however was buy me time to figure out what i actually wanted to do. This was how RedRum was born. 
I met Lucy in college and we immediately hit it off with our shared dry humour and sarcasm. We went to university together, got through freshers and realised how similar our design aesthetics really are. We constantly bounce ideas off of each over, there wasn't a single project idea that we didn't run by the over first; and so we've set up RedRum. It's the ultimate collaboration. 
RedRum is the lovechild of Lucy and I. It is a luxury print based fashion brand where together we will design and produce collections starting with developments from our graduate pieces. It's print and illustration that makes us truly happy so we're in this for the long haul. Plus this is on our terms, our schedule and our aesthetic. 

Coming soon to our website are the Kitsch Killer tee's above. The cotton t-shirts feature trippy characters from Lucy's Charlotte's Toy box print. Characters include: Bloody Bunny, Creepy Clown, Homicidal Bear, Crying Charlotte and Charlotte with knife (which you can see on our Instagram!)
To purchase click the 'Shop' tab on this blog or head to:

 "Made for the dreamers, the young and carefree".

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