Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Pavan Henna review

Last week I purchased the golden 'Mumbai Magic' flash tattoo from Pavan Henna. I've always loved the look of henna, the beautifully intricate vines which twist around arms and fingers- and opted for a flash tattoo to try it out. 
Now I was incredibly sceptical about the longevity of this tattoo. When I hear 'flash tattoo' i think of the spider man tattoos you used to get in boxes of candy sticks as a kid. You'd plonk it on with a wet flannel, only for it to peel off within a couple of hours. 
Being £10 a tattoo, once I applied 'Mumbai Magic' onto my arm (same wet flannel method) I tried my absolute hardest not to touch it, get it wet or let it rub against anything. However I didn't need to worry, because it literally lasted and looked good as new for 5 whole days. 
The tattoo itself was absolutely beautiful and would be perfect if you have any festivals, parties or special occasions coming up. It applied easily and in seconds plus like i said; it lasted ages. You need not worry about getting it wet in the shower or being overtly cautious as it completely stays in tact. Infact at the end of the 5th day when bits of it did start to peel off, it took a considerable amount of effort to remove the rest.

I would highly recommend the flash tattoos from Pavan, and would definitely purchase from them again! To buy flash tattoos or get henna from Pavan, visit them in Selfridges London or click on their website here

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