Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Weekend in Edinburgh

Yesterday me and Sam got back from a long weekend away in Edinburgh. Neither of us had been before, however the city came highly recommended from our friends and family with the promise of quaint historical settings and whimsicality.

We stayed in a little apartment on the Royal Mile in the same block of flats that poet Robert Burns once stayed in. The apartment was in the perfect location, being only a 2 minute walk away from Edinburgh Castle and right in the middle of the Old Town. We had a lovely weekend strolling the cobbled streets, lounging in the pubs and cafe's and exploring the city's historical side. If you're going to Edinburgh, going on a ghost tour is an absolute must! There was 3 or 4 ghost tours that you could sign up to on the Royal Mile however the one we went on was free. Our guide Stevie took us all around old town, telling us stories about Edinburgh's gruesome past. The tour finished at 11:30pm outside the famous Black Mausoleum in the cemetery, it was brilliant! 
For drinks I recommend The Devils Advocate for beautiful cocktails (mythology themed) and Frankensteins Bar. Frankensteins was decorated to perfection, it was like stepping into a spooky science lab fit with old Frankenstein film being played on the big screen. 

While in Edinburgh we also visited my adopted Koala at Edinburgh Zoo, and were told by staff that she's carrying a Joey! In a couple of months she'll be carrying her Joey on her back, but for now he's continuing to grow in her pouch! 

Here's some photos from our trip, have you been to Edinburgh before?

(^Thomas Riddles grave.)
(^The Frankestein bar.)
(^On top of the castle.)
(^Victoria Street.)
(^The Devils Advocate.)

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