Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Sunday Swingers

Today, after a year of literal blood, sweat and tears; I finally handed in my graduate collection for marking. This year has definitely been the better of my 3 years at university (studying fashion design)  purely for the amount of free range we had with our collection; however I am honestly so relieved to be finished. I have some exciting projects planned so keep your eyes peeled!

For now, I am pleased to present to you my graduate AW17 collection: Sunday Swingers!

The Sunday Swingers collection is a celebration of youthfulness, free love and free choice created for the impulsive and free spirited; for those who dare to stand out of the crowd. 
The collection was inspired by the the idea of hedonism following the sexual revolution and the art of losing your inhibitions. I was also inspired by illustrations from erotic novel covers and film posters from the early 70's; as well as Playboy magazines from this decade.

Sunday Swingers features 6 outfits of luxurious velvet smoking jackets and slinky silk dresses. The dresses in my collection are covered in my swingers party illustrations; which developed from my main 'orgy' illustration above. The illustration started off as a bunch of hand drawings depicting various couples at a swingers party before I collaged them together and played around with them in illustrator. Making this big Print was defiantly the most time consuming part of my project (the files bloody huge) but I'm so pleased with the outcome and how they look on the dresses.
The Jackets are made out of the softest crushed cross-dyed velvet and feature piped pockets, belt fastening and fur cuffs. I took inspiration from Hugh Hefner in particular with these smoking jackets as i wanted to create something as comfortable as a robe with the luxury of a jacket; and still keep this 70's porno aesthetic. 

Below is my collection line-up as well as photographs from my location photoshoot. Myself and photographer Sebastian Hatton-Bamforth found the most beautifully retro Air BnB to shoot model and muse Mimi Scott in. The shoot was possibly my favourite part of this project and I feel the photos present the perfect aesthetic for my garments. 

In the modern day we can often find ourselves distracted. So take a step back, put on a record and keep swingin'.

(^Ginger Lynn dress in Bloody Mary print.)
(^Bambi Woods dress in Daiquiri print and Tobacco jacket in Carnation.)
 (^Bambi Woods dress in Punch Print and Tobacco Jacket.)
(^Marilyn Chambers top in Tobacco.)
(^Ginger Lynn dress in Swingers Keys print and Dirty Cigar jacket.)
(^Marilyn Chambers top in Tangerine.)

Print, designs and garments are all my own. 
Make-up: Lucy Hartnell.
Model: Amelia Scott

To purchase any garments please click on shop or head to www.redrumdesigns.bigcartel.com

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