Friday, 5 May 2017

String of pearls

Yesterday me and Lucy took a trip to Crews Hill to pick up some houseplants for my flat and to dig for retro goods at the Vintage emporium there.  We started off at the Gardening Club which was the biggest and fanciest gardening place I've ever seen. I was in love with the lemon and citrus trees as well as the amount of banana leaf and palm which filled the place. It made me want nothing more than a garden or at least a balcony to fill with botanicals however I settled for a String of pearls plant and a Parlor palm. We sat by the fountain for a spot of lunch before heading to the Vintage emporium...

The emporium was completely jam packed with retro goods. They had everything from wardrobes and vinyls to shift dresses and Elvis dolls. I absolutely love places like this which completely travel you back to a different decade. Every item comes with a backstory, having been previously loved and  I could of honestly bought it all; especially the pink and white kitchen unit which would fill my Betty Draper fantasies! What I did pick up was the blue floral suitcase below which has a beautiful green interior. It has the ultimate 'Love Child' vibes and I can only imagine a girl in the sixties packing her things into it to run away from home!

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