Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Louis Vuitton x Jeff Koons: The Masters collection

Louis Vuitton have paired up with contemporary artist Jeff Koons in an exciting new collection called: 'The Masters'.

The collaboration between Koons and the luxury french fashion house shows the reproductions of works from Koon's 'Gazing Ball' series on a range of classic Louis Vuitton bags including the Neverfull MM, Montaigne MM and the Speedy 30. Some of the masterpieces Koons reproduced include 'Girl with dog' (Fragonard c.1770), 'A Wheatfield with cypresses' (Van Gogh 1889) and 'Mona Lisa' (Da Vinci 1503-1506). 
I was so excited to see how art and fashion have paired together in this collection that I had to share my thoughts on it. I love the idea that with this collaboration, you can now incorporate your favourite masterpieces into your outfits. Not only would your outfits be more personal, but the painting would appear more personal to you too.  Mostly though, Koons and Louis Vuitton have simply reminded us of the masterpieces we've loved but perhaps forgotten.
The 'Fragonard' Speedy 50 is my personal favourite. Whats your's?

All images: Louis Vuitton

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