Friday, 3 February 2017

Rossini and Candyfloss cocktails

I'm not a big drinker, but I bloody love a cocktail. My favourite cocktail is a Rossini, with a French Martini being a close second. However, there is nothing better than a novelty cocktail. By this i'm mean ones that flame or fizzle in the glass (I still, need to take a visit to The Alchemist). With Valentines coming up I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to make up and share two cocktails with you. The Classic Rossini, and the Candy floss cocktail.

The Rossini:
The Rossini is a delicious twist on the Peach Bellini. Sweet, fruity and incredibly refreshing.

To make one, you will need:
1oz Chambord 
Fresh Raspberries
2oz Prosecco
Martini glass

1. Slice a raspberry a rub it around the rim of the glass. Dip this glass in sugar to create the sugar rim. Add a raspberry to the edge of the glass for decoration. 
2. Muddle 4 raspberries into a puree. Use a smooth raspberry puree if you'd prefer it without pips. 
3. Pour the raspberry puree and 1oz Chambord into the glass. Mix with a straw. 
4. Fill to the top with Prosecco.

Candyfloss cocktail:
The candy floss cocktail is sweet and sugary with a fizzy twist. Easy to make but equally impressive. 

To make one you will need:
Small handful of candy floss
3oz Champagne/Prosecco

1. Simply place the candy floss in the bottom of your martini glass and pour in the Champagne/Prosecco to watch your candy floss fizzle and dissolve. 

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