Monday, 13 February 2017

Portobello road

On Saturday me and Sam went up to London for a pre-valentines day out. Rather than gifts, we tend to mark occasions with days out or weekend trips away which is lovely. Whenever we go up to the city we always try to do something new which on this occasion was exploring Portobello market and drinking at The Alchemist.

I don't know how I hadn't yet been to Portobello road; but I instantly fell in love with the beautiful pastel colored houses. I've always said that I would love a terrace house like the one's you see in Kensington, but living on a pastel colored street like this one would be just as lovely. 
Portobello market was also good, a must see if you're an antiques lover. They had stalls selling fruit and veg and beautiful flowers as well. 
Next we went to Covent Garden. They had some beautiful floral swing seats and flower arrangements that were the perfect picture opportunity! We also had to pick up some macaroons from Laduree. This is something I do every time I'm in London because the macaroons here are so delicious. They're yet to restock my favorite flavor, cognac but they had some beautiful valentines ones including pink ginger hearts and gold leaf macaroons. 
We then went to The Alchemist bar in Bevis Marks which was a first time for both of us. My cocktail of choice was a gin, pimms and ginger beer one called 'Lightning moment' whilst Sam went for the vodka based 'Colour changing one'. They both were all smokey and fizzy, plus mine was served in a lightning bulb which was a nice touch! The bar was very modern and trendy plus the cocktail menu was quite large! The only downside to this bar was the lack of seating. The Alchemist is defiantly worth visiting but I would recommend going at a lunch time or on a weekday when it would be less crowded. 
We finished off the day with drinks at the Punch and Judy and a table at Smollensky's bar and grill. I love our day's out like this because you don't have to take much money out with you, and you end up stumbling across places you've never heard of! Me and Sam have always loved exploring places and doing new things together so days out like this are perfect for us. 
Let me know what you get up to for Valentines day! I hope it's a good one. 

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