Thursday, 26 January 2017

Sundae Afternoon

This afternoon me and Lucy went to a nearby diner, to hide from the cold and immerse ourselves in the beautiful fifties atmosphere. 
I've always been a fan of Elvis' music and movies (Blue Hawaii is my favourite), but I loved his world so much more after reading Priscilla's book: 'Elvis and Me' last summer. American style Diners are always full of Elvis memorabilia and this one was no different. There was also a jukebox, large Elvis statue and photographs of other icons including Diana Ross and Marilyn Monroe. 
We drank coke floats and milkshakes and shared a chocolate sundae whilst listening to songs like Blue suede shoes and The Wonder of You. 
(^The diner had the classic red and white leather booths and stalls. The ceilings and walls were covered with American memorabilia and there was a flashing traffic light behind the bar which was very cool.)

(^I order a coke float at every opportunity I get and although they don't look much you'll have to trust me when i say they're delicious! It's a mix of Coca Cola, Cream Soda and Vanilla ice cream.)
(We both love nothing more than a print, and bags are no exception. My cherry print bag (left) is from Ted Baker, and Lucy's Lip/Dalmatian print is from Lulu Guinness.)

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