Sunday, 8 January 2017

How to use: Greenery

Each year Pantone release a colour of the year, a colour carefully picked out which then designers, artists and global consumers then include and identify in future collections, projects and designs. This year the colour chosen is a zesty yellow green shade aptly named 'Greenery' which Pantone describe as: 
'A refreshing and revitalising shade, symbolic of new beginnings. Evoking the feeling of the first days of spring where nature's greens revive, restore and renew. The fortifying attributes of Greenery signals consumers to take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate'.

I particularly like the concept behind the colour chosen this year, but really I love nothing more than the use of plants and greenery in interiors. Since we'll be seeing a lot of it in the coming year, I've gathered some of my favourite images from Pinterest showing how you can bring Greenery into your 2017.
(Left:Image Source Right: Image Source)
This year me and Samuel will be moving flats, and the dream sofa for me is a green velvet one (although Sam might need a bit of convincing). The beautiful Wolseley sofa is my personal favourite, the emerald green shade would freshen up the room as well as making the living space look particularly cosy and fresh. 
(Left: Image Source Right:Image Source)
One thing I will always have in every room, are plants. They brighten and freshen up the place, as well as being beautiful to look at. Due to photosynthesis, indoor plants have been proven to clean the air, boost healing and in tern allowing you better health and focus. Easy houseplants to maintain and grow include: Aloe vera, Spider plant, English Ivy, Diffenbachia, Peace Lily and of course the incredibly low-maintenance cactus.
(Left: Banana Leaf wallpaper Image Source Right: Leaf and cabbage bowls/jewellery plates from 'The Oak Room')
I am absolutely in love with Banana leaf wallpaper. Not only is it fresh and space opening, but it makes your interior look like it's jumped out of a seventies decor magazine. A more subtle approach to plant decor, I found these beautiful leaf and cabbage ceramic plates/bowls in shop 'The Oak Room'.  The leaf plates in particular would make beautiful jewellery holders to place on your dressing table. 
(Left: CĂ©line AW13 Right: Charlotte Olympia SS17 palm shoes)
Above are some catwalk finds. Although out of season i really love the deep green Celine coat and feel that it would go with most outfits.  The beautiful leather palm shoes from Charlotte Olympia would be perfect for holidaying abroad, I would love to wear them with a light white cotton sundress. 
(Left: Mulberry Small Darley bag in Grass Green Right: Topshop pleated midi skirt. However unfortunately it's out of stock; so find similar here.)
I was incredibly sad to find out that the above pleated Topshop skirt was out of stock; but I had to include it on this post because it is the most beautiful shimmery shade of green. Equally the Mulberry Darley bag is a beautiful find. Big enough to hold the essentials, it would be the perfect accessory to take Greenery through the year. 


  1. obsessed with the charlotte olympic shoes !


    1. They're fab arnt they! Thanks for commenting(: x

  2. Thankyou very much! I'll take a look x


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