Thursday, 5 January 2017

Boogie Wonderland- Gogo boots and platform shoes

It's no secret that the 1970's is my favourite decade. I love the music, the clothes, the hair and makeup. Idols such as Bianca Jagger, Dianna Ross and David Bowie. My nan was a teen in this decade, and I love nothing more than hearing her stories. I like to reference the 70's in both my personal style and in my design work. Recently due to the the countless episodes of Love Child me and mum have been watching; I am in love with the idea of Go-Go boots and platform shoes. 
Below i have gathered images which capture this particular style aesthetic as well as finding modern day takes on the platform shoe and boot.
(Left: Image Source Right: Image Source)

For modern takes on seventies footwear Marc Jacobs is definitely worth noting, because he nailed go-go boots in his SS17 collection. Go-Go boots first came around in the mid 1960's made popular by designers such as AndrĂ© Courrèges; however Jacobs has nodded more to the seventies designs by having such large platforms. I'm in love with the platform boots and how they're so skintight at the top and chunky at the bottom. Jacobs has modernised with beading, glitter and colour blocking. 
Another collection worth mentioning is Saint Laurent's SS15 collection. Hedi Slimane's references to glam rock in particular were present throughout the whole collection, but it's the Candy shoes in particular which stole my heart. The disco inspired sandals have a high platform, flared heel and ankle strap. The Candy sandals are all made out of leather; with some sections having snakeskin or glitter sections. 
(Marc Jacobs SS17 Left: Image Source Right: Image Source)
(Left:Marc Jacobs SS17  Image Source Right: Saint Laurent Candy shoes SS15 Image Source)
Here are some of my favourite platforms, boots and seventies style shoes that are currently on the market:
Another Marc Jacobs take on the go-go boot. modernised by the block heel and metallic white colouring. 
The new Candy edition is in a more classic platform shape, with groovy glitter lettering. 
Disco inspired, curvy glitter platforms. These Jeffrey Campbell platforms are the most affordable option.
I love the heavy Ziggy Stardust referencing here. These ankle boots have a large platform and chunky heel with stripy metallic colouring.
Possibly my favourite shoe on this selection. The Maison Margiela mosaic cd sandals are literally disco ball shoes!
A slightly more subtle and wearable shape but bold in colouring. I think these boots would look fab with a mini skirt or shift dress. 
It's hard to decide which Candy platforms are actually my favourites so I've linked the page to purchase all the candy sandals; however i think these gold and silver glitter pair have the edge. Would look fab with flares. 


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