Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Christmas wish list

With Christmas approaching, I thought that I'd share my christmas wish list with you. (Top left-bottom right).

Dolce Gusto coffee machine: Possibly the least interesting item on my wish list, but I know that a coffee machine would be used and loved in our household every day. Last winter i bought my mum lots of different coffee syrups so you can have novelty latte's at home and they were delicious. Plus it's a lot more cost effective than going for a Costa or a Starbucks. 

Fiorelli Anouk backpack: This petite backpack has enough room to fit the essentials without being too big and bulky. It comes in black, red, grey and light blue but I love the black one best. The bag has 3 silver zips, one at the front, one at the back and one in the main body of the bag. Me and Sam are going away a couple of times next year and I think it will be the perfect bag to travel with!

Liz Earle The Winter Icon Cleanse and Polish: I have yet to try Liz Earle's skin care products however my skin has been suffering this winter and her cleansers have been recommended to me. This Winter icon set comes with hot cloth and cleanser, however it's the orange and clove scent that sold me. The Body Shop Satsuma range is one of my favourites so I'm hoping this will be similar.

Topshop Moto Hem Dungarees: I've been after the perfect dungarees for a long time and I think these might be it. I like the colour, the rise in the leg and the petite style. They'll be incredibly easy to wear, and can be dressed up or down both in summer and in winter. 

Marc Jacobs rose gold watch: I've never had a watch before, mainly because my wrist is stupidly small and I'd have to get a lot of links taken out. I like this watch however, because even though I would still need links removed, both the strap and the watch face are small enough to suit my wrist and I love the rose gold colouring. 

The Girls by Emma Cline: There's nothing better than getting cosy in bed and reading a good book. This one has been on my reading list for a while. It's set in 1969 California and follows a young girl called Evie on the cusp of adulthood and rebellion. The late 60's/70's is my favourite time period so I'm sure i'll love this book.

Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar palette: I have been using my Naked 3 eyeshadow palette daily for bordering on two years now, and it's had better days. It's time for a new everyday palette and I particularly like this one. Too Faced is possibly my favourite make-up brand both for the concepts and packing and the quality and pigmentation of the products. I love the brown/bronzey shades in this palette which i know i will get a lot of use out of; alongside shades like the bright blue which I'm excited to experiment with. 

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