Friday, 9 September 2016


Yesterday me and my boyfriend Samuel got back from our trip to Venice. We spent 3 nights in Hotel Kette which is only a few minutes walk from San Marco square. I have never fell in love with a place, as much as I fell in love with Venice. It was perfect. Unlike Sam, I'm not a frequent flyer; this being my first abroad trip without my family. But this trip has changed my whole opinion of travel. 
Venice is everything you imagine and more. It is the ultimate romantic destination. The tiny streets and canals means that Venice is a no car zone, you get about by water taxi's, gondolas or by foot. The fact that there are no cars brings an instant calm to the place, our hotel had a little dock on the side of it where i liked to sit in the morning and watch the gondolas go by. Everyone in Venice was extremely friendly, and despite relatively everyone being able to speak English, I was determined to use as much of my small Italian vocabulary as possible. 
Our days were filled with getting lost down the alleyways and little streets, drinking champagne cocktails and seeing the sights. We went to the top of the Scala Del Bovolo, explored Doge's palace, Rialto Bridge and shopped for masks and glass souvenirs. 
There are plenty of places to eat in Venice, restaurants are dotted all around San Marco, but my favourite was one by the Canal in San Polo. Seafood, Pizza and Pasta are on every menu- the pizza and pasta being on a whole different level to what we have at home. 
After dinner we'd tend to go to San Marco square and listen to the Orchestra sets, which was incredibly romantic; or we'd go by the gondola docks where a couple of Violinists played in the evenings. 
The hi light of the trip for me was defiantly the gondola ride. We went just before it started to get dark as this was when the canals seemed to be a bit quieter- seeing Venice this way was incredibly beautiful.
It was the best holiday I've been on, and I'd love to go back there someday.

(^Hotel Kette. Every morning when we opened the windows in the morning you'd hear gondoliers singing and the water from the canal.)

(^The Dock by our hotel.)
(^Basilica di San Marco.)
(Sam and I sightseeing.)
(^Bellini cocktail and Torre dell'Orologio.)
(^San Polo gondola stop and one of many Tiramisu ice cream's.)
(^Rialto Bridge.)
(^Doge's palace.)
(^Doge's palace, golden stair case and painted ceilings.)
(^Doge's Palace.)
(^Gondola Ride through Venice.)
(^Right: Scala Del Bovolo.)
(^Right: Inside Florian Cafe Left: Samuel at the San Polo canal restaurant.)
(^Right: One of the 3 orchestra sets in San Marco Square, Left: The view from.)
(^Our Last night in Venice.)

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