Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Bridget Bardot and Delboy's Love Child

I recently managed to get my hands on this mixtape by all round musician, icon and girl crush Whinnie Williams. Dubbed by herself as: 'The love child of Bridget Bardot and Delboy' Whinnie mixes french style and Delboy's east-end reality to create beautiful music and an incredible image; all alongside her faithful companion and sidekick: poodle Brian. 
I love the concept of this mixtape, taking you back to stereo's before the need to upload onto iPods and iPads and decorated in stickers that make you feel all round pretty and nostalgic. 
The music it's self is flawless, extremely delicate and fresh, with an old appearance from Ms. Bardot herself within tracks.

Listen to the mixtape here:

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