Saturday, 16 November 2013

Rory and Bradley

For a week in October I went on a break with my friends Amy, Abbie and our mothers- in a caravan at a little english seaside town. This week, I collected the photos from the developers- and as disposable camera's were all that I used to photograph on holiday,
I've taken pictures of some of my favourites for you. 
I really enjoyed using the disposable camera's, and they brought back a childhood nostalgia to what is a really high tech time period. I love how little shots you get, the suspense of not knowing how they've turned out, the excitement and how they take a while to develop. Because it keeps the vacation going; and now I can display all of the photos into albums. 
I had such a fantastic time on Holiday- it was really good to relax and catch up with my friends and spend some more time with my mum. We were also there over Halloween so we even got to decorate our caravan and dress up for a Halloween party!

Have you been anywhere nice recently?

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