Friday, 4 October 2013

Home Treasures

Just a few home treasures.

1. On the day that I was born, my father gave my mother the bracelet and studs in this image, and the hoops were gifted to her on her birthday shortly after. My mum recently gave me these pieces, as my love for gold jewelry, 90's memorabilia and items with a meaningful background, is still going strong. 

2. When my Nan was sorting through her photo albums, she kindly let me have some polaroids and photo strips of her and my Granddad when they were younger. I love the look of polaroids anyway, but these in particular are truly beautiful- and I love hearing the story that goes along with each one.

3. Another gift from my Nan, is The Book Of Beauty, which was her bible when she was growing up. This is possibly the most beautiful book that I own. Published in 1961, the style and methods in the book are a treat to read! 

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