Thursday, 6 December 2012

Navy Nights Mini - My Christmas bag design

This year being my first Christmas blogging, i decided to take part in the Young Creatives advent calender. The Young Creatives is a site dedicated to recognise young creative talent and inform the world of it's findings. The advent Calender is a series of posts, 1 each day of something creative, each one a unique Christmas treat. 
For this i designed a Christmas bag (above^) sing water colours and a fineliner. The design is called: 'The Navy Nights mini'. It's a small handheld bag in navy leather, and cutwork is used to reveal white leather; and give the image of snow. The patent navy, represents cold winter mornings and dark winter nights. The bag is also lined with a black and white snowflake printed silk. The Gold clasp has brand name 'Pippa Tollervey' engraved. And below this a mini mince pie is lasered in. 

My post was uploaded on December 4th! Find the post here:

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