Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Qcumber Interview

Whilst blog watching i scrawled across a brand that clicked with me like nuts do with squirrels. Qcumber. Nope, i haven't hurt my throat:- Qcumber is a fun and fruity brand created by David Van Reyk and Robert Heaton. Their products include Fun and fruity Jumpers that'll catch eye on any street, and frubie fruit hats! Think strawberry's  watermelons and of course, Cucumbers. Their dream? To create their own grocery stores at every city center, where instead of edible fruit- all the fruit and veggies are beautifully garnished gems and garments. Make sure you go STRAIGHT to their site and pick up one of these, you'll never look so effortlessly cool. Here i got the chance to Interview David :
What made you come up with the brand: 'Qcumbers'?
At a picnic in a park in Oxford we were having a food fight with some strawberries which resulted in a perfect juicy imprint on Robert’s white jumper. The stain actually looked like a strawberry and we started discussing how fruit and vegetables were naturally beautiful designs that were underrepresented in the world of fashion. We decided to do something about it so began creating QCumber.
How did you start about setting up your own business?
We asked some friends and family for advice on how to start up - what company structure, how and where to get things printed, we went to a shopping mall in Kingston to get feedback from members of the public on our initial designs! We didn't spend too much time planning everything, but instead made some jumpers and started to see if people would buy them! They did luckily and so we have kept on going.

What is your favorite fruit or vegetable? And how many of these do you reckon that you have eaten?
Mine is peas and I have probably eaten around 1.5 million. Robert's are probably carrots? I reckon he has eaten a good 250+ 

Where would you like to be in 10 years time?
We want to have our own grocery store in the middle of New York, Paris and London. Everything would look the same as a green grocers expect nothing is edible! It is all clothing and accessories inspired by fruit and veg! We will have a music channel too where bands will produce QCumber music videos dressed up as giant vegetables. '5 a day' will also now be called '6 a day' to make sure people include a QCumber jumper in their diet. 

What sort of person do you have in mind for wearing Qcumber produce?
Typically QCumber attracts people who are a little more open minded and don't take themselves too seriously.

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